Maximizing Your Food Dollar

I doubt there is now a consumer who has not been affected by the slowing economy and escalating food prices. All of us have somehow been affected directly. There are, however, several good tips for our trips to the grocery store easier in our food budget. Following these tips over your hard earned money will remain in your portfolio.

Using coupons
Using 2 for 1 sales
Try free samples
Refine your shopping list

Coupons are a great way to save the record. Manufacturers promote their products make the coupons available to consumers. Often, the store will have a store coupon for the same product, which can be combined with coupon manufacturers to provide even greater savings. Watch for these coupons can be found in your Sunday newspaper ads. They alone have saved me a huge amount in recent years.

Another great way to save is to use the 2 for 1 sales that most foods today hold. For the price you get a second element. In my area I have Winn Dixie, Publix and Sweetbay. Each of these foods have the 2 for 1 sales, though, prefer Winn Dixie sales better. I think we offer the customer the highest number of elements when making such sales.

Do not forget the free samples. Many manufacturers in promoting their products to consumers will provide free samples is a marketing ploy for them and cost savings for the consumer. Be on the look out for these free samples and stock up on them when ever you can.

The last item on my list is to refine your shopping list. For me it is the most important of all elements. By tuning your list, make sure you will get everything you need and not make unnecessary purchases. Once you make fine adjustments that list and make sure that when you go to the grocery store to adhere to that list. It's easy to get sidetracked by the marketing practices of stores. Believe me I have the game of marketing into a science and is very easy to fall into the trap of marketing. Be aware of marketing tactics used and by all means stick to the list you made before leaving home.

Reducing your monthly landline

If you have a large family that includes teens, chances are you have a fairly large fixed monthly phone bill too. That's because, despite the fact that most adults and children in the 21st century have their own cell phones, using a landline is an easy option, if you're out of credit, have a dead cell phone battery or know someone else will pay the bill.

However, although it may be difficult to control phone use, there are multiple people in your household, it is still possible to reduce their phone bills if you meet fixed a few simple rules about your family.

Restricting call times and avoid premium numbers

First, write a list of rules and paste them into a wall near the phone. The exact rules that include on your individual home, but one of the most important is to restrict calls on evenings and weekends. Phone charges are higher during the day and that is the maximum use of the phone. Instead, make sure your family makes calls only after 6 pm or Saturday and Sunday. This is fairly easy time during the term, but may become a problem especially during school holidays.

Another solution to reduce the bill is the prohibition of his family to call mobile numbers in your phone fixed, except in an emergency. Mobile phone numbers can cost a lot more than calling to landlines and mobile phone calls often extended to account for most of the high phone bill. Premium rate numbers - such as those beginning with 0870, 0871 or 0844 - should also be included in this prohibition, unless by phone is absolutely necessary.

Changing your provider and find alternatives

If the rules have been imposed does not seem to be working, it might be time to consider changing your provider instead. Some providers of fixed telephony offer customers a package of free minutes on weekends and nights at half price or monthly fee for the first months of his contract. Not be completely fooled by these offers, however, as the price per minute for phone calls is also important. And if you want to lose all the household bills, a package that includes a new mobile broadband subscription and digital television can offer a practical solution.

Credit Card Payment middle class plan for you!

Are credit card payments eating lunch?

Many Americans are spending much of their monthly income just to service the credit card debt. He never intended to make this happen, so you are not satisfied with the situation. This is a problem that developed over time.

However, many middle class people with tight budgets, have made a step forward and take control again. I had a problem with credit card debt, but stuck to a plan and reduced. This helped them gain control of their budgets to start enjoying a better financial life.

Get control of your expenses and freight

The first thing you have to do is find out where your money goes each month. You have to figure out what you spend money. You can do a very detailed analysis, or perhaps just estimate. Either way, if you have credit card debt high, you may be surprised by the amount of money spent on some of the unplanned expenses.

Resolve to save their credit cards in a real emergency. In my opinion, an emergency reserve is a light plane to visit a sick relative, not to book a plane flight to summer vacation. If you want to pay your debt off, you may have to cut their vacation plans until the problem has been handled.

Most people who have reduced their debt have decided that, unless there is a real emergency, which is only going to buy things that can be paid in cash.

If you are using credit cards to buy food or pay the light, and not pay the balance immediately, you know you are in financial trouble. Sometimes during a period of unemployment, this happens. However, if it is a regular habit when in work, there's a big problem.

Do you have some sort of emergency fund that can pay cash for the dentist or an auto mechanic? A fund of emergency cash can avoid using credit cards and help you feel much safer. Recent studies have shown that half of Americans would have trouble reaching $ 2,000 in an emergency.

After you have forced yourself to know what you are spending money, and why the balances of your credit card each month continue to rise, it's time to find a way to solve the problem. Wants to work for a few goals.

Establish an emergency cash account. Even if you can not put aside $ 25 every time you get paid, but force yourself to not touch it unless your really need, you will be better. Financial experts say we should have 3 to 6 months rent to one side. That may take awhile, but try to make sure you set a goal of saving one or two thousand dollars as soon as possible. If you can do that, you will be less likely to resort to credit cards, and you will feel more confident in making large payments to get the balances paid down!

Try not to carry plastic with you. Put them in to take a little effort to reach what we are not tempted to slip each time you go to the store. I read about a woman who really frozen ice so it would take time to unfreeze if I wanted to use them. You do not have to do something so drastic, but store it away in a safe place.

Even debit cards can cause a problem, making it easier to lose track of what you spend. If you can not control your spending boost, try to carry an amount of cash and be forced to use it!

Sometimes the problem is you only have to make extra income. Your income may not be large enough to pay all your fixed expenses, establish savings, and pay the debt. How can I get extra money? Is it time to moonlight, get an extra job, or find a better full time job.

If you can not make more money, you can do without any kind of services you pay for each month. Maybe it's time to give the lawn service, movies, or land line.

Hopefully, you have figured out how to put aside some extra money to start building an emergency cash account and paying your credit card debt. You may decide to try to pay their interest cards first. Others like to pay the smallest balances first so they can get faster results.

Anyway, just arrived with a plan that can stick to. It may take several months to reach their goals, but in the end, you have more money and less debt!

How to get control of your monthly expenses

How to manage your expenses

A lot of ordinary people have done something they never thought they would do. They let their expenses out of control. This leads to all sorts of other problems such as lack of savings and debt. Learn some simple ways to get your money back under your control!

Knowing your costs

The first thing you have to do is find out exactly what you spend money every month. You may think you know, because you are the person who writes the checks. However, you will be amazed by how many people do not really have a clear idea of ​​how they spend their money. Without an understanding of your budget (or lack of one), it is almost impossible to handle.

You can use a spreadsheet printed piece of paper or an online budget calculator to help determine where your money goes each month. Sit with your bank and credit cards and force your group expenses by category.

Calculate your fixed expenses. These are things like rent or mortgage, car payments and insurance.

Then look at public services. This refers to electricity, Internet, and phone bill. This is a little harder because some of these things vary from month to month. Try to get an average, but also consider the months of high and low months.

Consider purchasing. This usually includes not only food but also other things that happen to pick up in the grocery store, such as cleaning products and personal hygiene. If possible, try to figure out what you really spend on food, and what you spend on other things. This is because you can find cheaper ways to buy non-food items in the grocery store.

Gasoline and transportation has become a huge expense lately. He can not even realize how much you spend each month, and probably only fill up automatically when needed.

Entertainment such as movies and eating out are part of life. However, they are a way to run a lot of expenses you may be able to reduce.

Now comes the hard part. You may think you know what you spend on shopping trips scheduled each month. But what about the quick stops at the convenience store that end up costing more than his regular visits to a grocery store or discount? This is where many families tend to spend more than you should!

When you know your expenses, you can handle!

The practice of actually drawing the monthly expenses tend to give many people an "ah-ha" moment.

For example, I do not think I spent at the supermarket. But I forgot to include two or three stops he made every week at the corner drugstore or convenience store items like bread, soda, and shampoo!

By planning my regular grocery trips better, and make sure he had stocked up on what I use, I managed to save about $ 50 per week, without sacrificing anything in reality.

When planning trips planned to a store and discount store, which could eliminate virtually all the "convenience" shopping. Was not really uncomfortable, because it can cut the extra trips as well. Skip additional trips also helped me save a little money in my account of gasoline.

I did not need to run out of paper towels or shampoo or ketchup, because I had stored in them, and were bought at a lower price. Also, I tended to buy extra things in my travels additional momentum. I was paying for convenience, and buying on impulse, that got me into trouble.

Savings of $ 50 per week, amounting to $ 2.400 a year! That money would better served by paying credit cards or sitting in an emergency fund.

Even if you can only cut $ 50 a month, so almost everyone can, you can save $ 600 a year. I think the savings would justify a few minutes of time for almost everyone I know.