Reducing your monthly landline

If you have a large family that includes teens, chances are you have a fairly large fixed monthly phone bill too. That's because, despite the fact that most adults and children in the 21st century have their own cell phones, using a landline is an easy option, if you're out of credit, have a dead cell phone battery or know someone else will pay the bill.

However, although it may be difficult to control phone use, there are multiple people in your household, it is still possible to reduce their phone bills if you meet fixed a few simple rules about your family.

Restricting call times and avoid premium numbers

First, write a list of rules and paste them into a wall near the phone. The exact rules that include on your individual home, but one of the most important is to restrict calls on evenings and weekends. Phone charges are higher during the day and that is the maximum use of the phone. Instead, make sure your family makes calls only after 6 pm or Saturday and Sunday. This is fairly easy time during the term, but may become a problem especially during school holidays.

Another solution to reduce the bill is the prohibition of his family to call mobile numbers in your phone fixed, except in an emergency. Mobile phone numbers can cost a lot more than calling to landlines and mobile phone calls often extended to account for most of the high phone bill. Premium rate numbers - such as those beginning with 0870, 0871 or 0844 - should also be included in this prohibition, unless by phone is absolutely necessary.

Changing your provider and find alternatives

If the rules have been imposed does not seem to be working, it might be time to consider changing your provider instead. Some providers of fixed telephony offer customers a package of free minutes on weekends and nights at half price or monthly fee for the first months of his contract. Not be completely fooled by these offers, however, as the price per minute for phone calls is also important. And if you want to lose all the household bills, a package that includes a new mobile broadband subscription and digital television can offer a practical solution.