How to Prevent Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

First Take care with people looking over their shoulders. Always be aware of people who are close and cover your data as you press your computers, phones and ATMs. People may be spying on your personally identifiable information (personal information) without you noticing.

Second Destroy all sensitive information. Destroyed does not mean throwing them away. That means grinding so it is impossible to revive. Similarly, if you want to get rid of your old PC or laptop, be sure to completely destroy data stored on hard drives. To complement this, don't ever just throw their old accounts credit card or withdraw without fragmentation. Even broken, some thieves are savvy enough to gather information.

Thirdly Password protect your computer and telephone. You never know who is trying to access your computer. So don't make it easy for them! Your password must be mobile and change frequently. I can change my password once every 90 days and store all your passwords in a notebook that is locked. There are also programs on the phone that can store passwords. I would warn against the use of active applications that connect to the Internet or storing your passwords on a central server, as these programs are more likely to be hacked.

Fourth Protect your home and businesses with alarms and locks. They are a major deterrent to criminals, especially those inclined to steal and defraud. And personal records should be kept away from public view, preferably in locked cabinets.

Fifth A continuous monitoring of credit with a credit check. A credit monitoring service is very important in these times, because identity theft is so rampant. credit monitoring service will notify you when there is a change in your credit profile. I personally recommend the Citi Identity Protection or MyFICO. Keep a record of your credit profile every day. There are alternatives for receiving text messages, even when there is a change in your credit profile. Once notified, it is extremely important that you take immediate action. If left alone, can damage your credit profile to be prolonged and irreversible.

The cases of identity theft is increasing and because of this, the burden of protecting our private information and other relevant documents, unfortunately, is based on all of us. As technology becomes more sophisticated, the more rampant identity theft being. So take action before it's too late. Preventive measures in place to resolve the problem after it had begun.

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