Claiming bankruptcy is a good way to clear the credit card debt?

Before thinking about claiming bankruptcy you need to see if you can get out of debt yourself. The courts do not like people using the legal system as a way out of making payments. Obviously there are cases in which bankruptcy is right and often the only option, but this does not apply to everyone in debt.

There are many ways you can increase the amount you currently have available to pay your debts without taking you on a second or third job:

You can save money is by increasing the excess under your home and auto insurance policies. No increase to a realistic level, but you can see from $ 100 to $ 200 to see what impact it had on their premiums.
Ask your agent to review its policies to ensure that you are not duplicating insurance coverage. Insurance is there to protect you in an emergency situation that does not make you rich for most insurance policies will pay only once so it's a complete waste of money that has the same coverage policies. Your agent is the insurance expert and he will be able to advise you properly.
Do you see a lot of TV and DVD? It's amazing how many families pay for access movies on your TV package but also rent DVDs. Why? So you really need the most expensive TV package? It's much better to be out of sports game to see them from the comfort of your couch. As a nation we need to get fit outdoors and spending time with family is much better than sitting watching TV.
Go through your belongings old. Order the garage and attic and see what you have is no longer necessary. You could organize a garage sale or arrange to sell your stuff on eBay. It is estimated that every household has about $ 3,000 of unused material at home. That would be a good lump sum tot pay their debts.

If your children are old enough, explain that you are trying to save some money to clear some debts. Set a goal to reduce its debts to the amount x, and upon arrival will give the family a gift. That everyone could go to the movies. It need not be expensive, but act as an incentive for everyone to be a little more aware of how close the leak in the family's financial budget.