Credit in the new economy

Today a low credit score can prevent you from getting a job, get promoted, if not join the army may be illegible for the election of sale, renting a house or apartment security deposits for services public and not to mention the mental health impact of knowing that your credit is bad.

Recent statistics show that 60% + Americans admit that their knowledge of credit is poor, recent survey shows that 43 + million Americans have less than a credit score of 599. Another study shows that 80 million Americans do not even know their credit score and 60 million Americans admit they do not pay their bills on time, at one time or another.

So what can be done to help this growing problem? Education! Education is the key for consumers to begin the road back to recovery. Knowing how credit works and what your current credit situation is actually the key to improving your credit. Once you understand how credit works and what your current credit status is, the application of specific strategies and disciplines will be needed. This in many cases will require a combined effort of the home to ensure that these steps are followed and monitored.

One thing to understand is that your credit score is like raising a child, the more good things to put in, the better the results. With the payment history is the component # 1 for the calculation of the score you want to make sure you are consistent in making their payments on time. It is always better to set an "auto pay" directly from your bank account. Another important component is the relationship between debt and credit. Keep your balances at no more than 30% of the amount of credit granted can actually have a big impact on their accounts.

We believe that awareness of credit is increasing in this country. It is almost impossible to watch TV without seeing an ad on credit. Experian, TransUnion and Equifax all the promotion of credit monitoring systems for a monthly fee. These systems can be useful, but in most cases it is not necessary nor do they offer the kind of support that most consumers need today.

There are plenty of companies that can help with credit repair and education, but like anything else, make sure you do your due diligence before paying a professional service. There are strict federal system regarding credit repair guild and want to ensure that the company is working with is compatible. Hiring a company to help with this process can ensure that their rights as outlined in the Act Fair Credit Reporting are being met.