Frugal fun

What do you think when you hear the word "frugal" or "economic" or "stingy"? Most people associate these negative words. They believe that being frugal can be fun, because, of course, do not spend much money.

Now imagine a weekend in the presidential suite of one of the best hotels in a major city, to attend the NCAA Final, to see Clay Walker concert, and attend the NCAA baseball playoffs. How all these things combined cost?

My wife and I enjoyed all of the above plus more over the last year. Combined spend $ 120 on all events, including food and beverages.

My wife won a weekend in a presidential suite through a free drawing. Yes, she is the fate of one of the two of us, but also goes into every legitimate aspect of free drawing you find. We must be cautious when someone called to congratulate us for something, because we also receive many calls through this scam. We try to remember all the contests to enter and be sure not to give information that could result in identity theft. It's just a matter of probabilities before you also get a tablespace name if you participate in contests enough. You can find free contests grand openings, hotels and events timeshare. Just be careful to avoid fraud. The main office of the hotel forgot to apply the "weekend off" coupon and gave me the bill for a total of $ 3,064. I'm sure you can imagine the puzzled look on my face. Cost - $ 64 for room service for a couple of days

The NCAA Final Four came to Houston this year, and I just had to go. I've never been before, and how often the Final Four will produce less than 1 hour away from where I live? Fortunately, my brother got me a free ticket to the semifinals. Because I am fortunate to have a great family. After the game, however, I have seen the fans of Kansas (he lost) the sale of championship game tickets $ 20 each. These tickets were $ 400 + a week before and ticketmaster. Kansas fans were planning to fly home early because his team lost and had no time to get the maximum value of their tickets. A great deal with the minimum demand ticket prices had more than 90% off prices on-line! I usually buy minutes before an event tickets especially people with additional entries, but this was the robbery of the year. 20 entries championship center court at the first level. There are almost always tickets available at deep discounts before sporting events, concerts, rodeos, fairs, etc. that have never been to the Super Bowl though. That might be the case that a discounted tickets would be difficult, but still would not surprise me that you can find deals there. Provided they do not require multiple entries assigned seat next to each other, consider purchasing tickets for someone who bought more. Cost - $ 40 for two tickets

The Clay Walker concert was also free to be the ninth caller on a radio station. My wife controls only one season, but I have a friend named Christina, who controls at least three a day. Christina finds out that tickets will be given away and melodies in each season before. Most stations only allow a couple of free tickets per person per year. Christina has a list of family and friends personal information to track your progress throughout the year. She goes at least six free concerts each year. Win only once a year or so, but I can not discuss freely. Cost - $ 20 for snacks

This past year, my alma mater advanced to the NCAA baseball playoffs. I usually get the alumni newsletters and alumni were able to purchase playoff tickets for $ 8 each. The ticket was "standing," but our ballpark has a lot of grass around the playground to sit. My wife and I sat on the grass and had a great view of a playoff game. Everyone should sign up for newsletters from his alma mater, local clubs, charities, etc, and they learned many economic activities, fun. Cost - $ 16

If you work for a large company, entering the loop on how to get free tickets or find out if your company has special events. I know mine is having a 50% discount on a Major League game soon. Maybe yours does too.

When you are on a budget, you can still have fun as much as anyone else. Just look for opportunities. Redefine their sense of the word "frugal", seeking cost-efficient ways to enjoy life, and your bank account will thank you later.