His greatest asset is not what you think is

If you need the name of its three main assets that would be?


Now I can not see what you've written, but there is a good chance you have missed your house, your car, and probably their savings. But most people think of their ability to earn money as an asset or in other words, your salary.

Joe is a man of 35 years of age. His wife is at home with the children full time and Joe brings the paycheck. One day, while Joe is fishing great suffering serious accident. Joe gets medical problems are so serious, no longer able to work. In fact, I have to go to a disability pension from the government.

As Joe's disability check is the basic salary, Joe's wife must now return to work full time. However, Joe is unable to care for children because of their disability. This family is making it very difficult. Your finances and the situation has been well and truly beaten by six. Because Joe does not have insurance income protection could not receive money for your accident.

Just to live, Joe and his wife have begun to use the assets and savings that were trying to grow. Now Joe monetary assets are starting to eat at. In some respects, Joe is fortunate to have a partner who can return to work. However, what if he was alone? Then, they would be worse again.

Think of it this way. Joe is 35 and if you retire at age 65 will have an additional 30 years of income. This equates to about $ 1,560,000 million in the coming years. You are probably in a similar position to that of Joe. In fact, if you are younger, have more money for you at this time. But most people think this way!

We've all seen the news stories of people who have gone through tremendous tragedies. Most of these stories has the line somewhere, "I never thought it would happen to us," said a relative of the victim. Nobody thinks that will happen to them, but it could.

However, accidents can happen only to stop his salary in their tracks. What about diseases or cancer. These terrible conditions can make a normal functioning human being, in a bedridden person extremely quickly. In most cases, you are not aware of the problem until it is too late.

Did you know, less than 20% of Australians have insurance income protection. This compares with over 70% of Australians who have home insurance. Or the 80% who have car insurance.

It seems that as a nation, simply do not give a high priority on protecting our salaries. Maybe we do not understand what is truly valuable are our wages. Even a small hiccup in not receive their wages can cause major headaches and money.

Do not delay. Do not think he'll do next month or tax time. Start doing research now on insurance income protection. You need to protect the biggest asset you have ... your ability to earn a salary!

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