Needs vs. Wants

According to, means is defined as "to feel the need or desire, desire." While the need is defined as "a necessary duty or obligation." I know it may seem obvious, but it is surprising how often people get the two mixed. Unfortunately, this may very well be one of the main factors contributing to the current economic situation we are in a country. And believe me, I am not immune to this either. I think we've all been there.

The reason I wanted to write about this today is because I want to stop this cycle you are in. I want to help put procedures in place so you can decipher a need versus a necessity. When times get tough, you have to cut costs somewhere, this will help you decide where.

Look at the bills you pay each month. Needs can be your rent or mortgage, electricity, water, sewer, garbage, gas, etc, are some pretty obvious. Want to be a cable, pest control, pool service, etc. Some of you may be screaming at your computer monitor right now. Yes, the cable is a desire ... You need a roof over your head, you need to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, you need gas in your car to go to work and pick up the children. It is not necessary for someone to take care of your pool, go to one of the local supply stores of the pool and get a kit to do it yourself. You do not need cable, I know this can be difficult, but with cable bills through the roof, is an option that you may have to do. No need for pest control, you can go to your local hardware store to get the things you need to do it yourself. Just be sure to follow the directions exactly and take the appropriate precautions in handling chemicals.

Sometimes the brain can try to fool you into thinking that something is a necessity rather than desire. Do not let them do it for you. Take 24 hours to think of something else, write the pros and cons of the purchase, call a friend to talk and see what they say. All these things put space between you and the subject. Quite often it is found that does not "need" all you thought it would. Try it and see!

Legue Kristi is a wife and mother of three children. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentration in Accounting from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She obtained her license to practice as a CPA in the state of California, and even had his own practice for seven years. After all that, at the age of 35 years, Kristi realized it was time for a change. She sold her practice and is changing her life. She is on the way to becoming a smart businessman and he wants women out there to know it's never too late to change your course so you can change the world