Online personal finance or personnel in Excel?

Wherever you are in the world, be it New York, New York or Mumbai, India, before the technology makes it easy and before the explosive use of online services, personal budgets if done at all, were mostly in computer spreadsheets, by far, the most popular personal finance made in Excel.

Now that the applications and technology have made many things easier and convenient online access, including managing budgets online, it is time to reconsider whether Excel personal finance has had its day, including all variations of the leaves family budget, spreadsheets, financial planning, or any other offers of money management in Excel.

Benefits of Personal Finance Management in Excel

The most obvious benefit is that the calculations are made by a process of mechanical formula for the add and do the calculations can be automated and easily repeated, paste and copy.

This is obvious, and all sorts of versions made from the leaves of the family budget in Excel can be created by anyone who can write a basic formula. Which will facilitate the creation is a great advantage, despite the high costs of time in order to create formulas and format the spreadsheet you build financial.

Another benefit of managing an Excel worksheet is that it could be free, without doubt, will be free if you spend hours to make yourself stronger. Considering that the creation of family budgets is not exactly a fun day in the first place, however, many people are looking for worksheets or spreadsheets family budget.

These products are always created by someone else online and are sold or distributed free of charge - all formatting and formulas.

The problem with Personal Finance Management in Excel

The problem with personal finances in Excel however, is exactly that - personal finances in Excel!

It sits on a PC or laptop, and it is very useful on a smartphone - no one wants to sit squinting at a sheet or finance spreadsheet on a phone. Moreover, the time it takes to customize these standard financial spreadsheets in Excel can be lost with a small slip, accidental deletion, the mismatch of the formula and blocks everything and numbers and columns do not match.

It is very hard to recover corrupt formula unless you are trained professionally in Excel.

In addition, personal finances in Excel is limited to the basic calculations and can not really be easily integrated into a wider range of financial budgeting decisions. Every personal finance spreadsheet created in Excel for the sole purpose, not a multipurpose use. An obvious danger is the localized loss of PC, laptop, or a virus or malware - spyware and identity theft system unsafe.

A very real danger for free download spreadheets financial highlights is that it is so often given away in promotions as a way to harvest personal data, or include the hidden costs of shipping, or suck you into buying something more expensive later.

You can never be sure that you have purchased or upload illegal or pirated copies of OEM software. These spreadsheets located in personal finances, including cookies may contain malware, spyware or tracking to steal your data - you can not say.

The benefits of explosive online personal finance.

Managing money online has a lot of financial benefits from Excel without any of the drawbacks.

In fact, the only problem is not really a problem at all. It costs more than freedom - but it comes with a dedicated service that never fails, you can not lose, someone has to maintain connections, and a lot of employees are focused 100% of what is working and working well.

No installation problems, hidden costs or custom error. The best have encryption software to protect security, make it very easy to use, access and maintenance.

Online financial budget, it can even be fun, and save money. Choose one that returns a dividend of user or use your anonymous data with your permission, to find really cheap and offers to save money, no chance to spam to death.

Personally, I think the personal finance software online is the only way to go, much better than Excel personal finance, which is really decades out of date and not at all convenient.

Think about this - If I invest time to create a family budget, a critical component of mastering money - why would not I want to make a profit through an online financial service that supplied the lowest prices available on my name - why and do everything for myself, again and again?

Undoubtedly, the realization of online personal finance is a no brainer?