Roger Hamilton: The Brilliant Wealth Builder!

Everyone dreams of becoming rich someday. Some invest in shares and others try quick ways to become rich. But these ways usually do not work. The reasons are clearly explained by the genius of Wealth Dynamics, Roger Hamilton. Born in Hong Kong, this bright star received his education at Trinity College, Cambridge University. After completing his studies, Roger started his career as an entrepreneur. He gained success only after facing a lot of failures. In an interview, Roger says that he had lost nearly 130 million in just ten years. But the rising star never took this as a hindrance. Rather, he found out the ways in which he can succeed. The author says,

"Successful entrepreneurs focus only where they are strong and unsuccessful entrepreneurs try and do it all themselves."

Roger Hamilton states that there are only eight paths in which an entrepreneur can create wealth. He also says that building wealth can be an easy task if a person maximizes his/her natural strengths. Wealth Dynamics teaches a person how to build wealth by following any one of the eight paths to success. It identifies a natural path to gain lasting wealth. When a person follows the natural path, he/she can attract the resources to achieve true potential. Wealth dynamics is a simple tool, but it yields powerful results.

He clearly defines how money flows around this planet and how some are able to attract it more than others. Some attract not more than a trickle whereas; others succeed in gaining billions of dollars. Roger says that each game has different rules, different teams, and different strategies. Millionaires take entirely different approaches, but still they seem to succeed in building wealth. The secret behind this is that some are good at leveraging money, some at managing time and others at creating innovative ideas. Wealth creators such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson take different approaches in building wealth. Their paths may be different, but their goals are the same.

Roger Hamilton, the change maker has turned the world upside down with his innovative wealth building strategy. This remarkable person has given a new meaning for the word "Wealth Building." According to the author, wealth creation is not about making money, but it's all about creating flow. This rocking entrepreneur has been an active part of creating a connection between entrepreneurs through social enterprises. His seminars give a perfect opportunity for young entrepreneurs to share their thoughts and views.