Tips to help you save money

If someone asks you how to save money, what would you say? Do you feel lost and alone with money problems of their own? Do you feel that you are experiencing is unique to yourself.

There you are!

The fact is that most Americans today are literally buried in debt and have a whopping $ 0000 in savings. Most people today have settled into a lifestyle of living paycheck to paycheck with little or no hope of ever being able to change. An emergency fund ... What is that? That's a luxury for the rich only right?

As someone who has experienced both ends of the income scale, I promise that if not carefully planned lifestyle will eat up the extra penny you ever make, report that more debt will continue living paycheck to paycheck and never feel what its like to be assured of an emergency fund.

If you own a business, ask yourself:

Do you run your business better than running your personal finances.
Or, if you were the CEO of "Business Financial Inc. family," the fire would you describe yourself?

I hope you run them both the same, but there was a time that I did not and got into a lot of financial problems.

Several years ago, with 4 children, a stay at home wife and a good income, I thought I had arrived at the place I had been working for years. We have enjoyed a very comfortable income from my real estate business and had a big house in the country. Then came 2006 and the coup of property and utility real accident was restored in 25% of what we were accustomed.

People who go through something like that usually learn a valuable lesson about the importance of saving money. Luckily, I found alternative ways to increase our revenues, but this time had a plan that includes a savings account and plan.

Making money is not the difficult part of learning to save more of the same.

A common mistake made by novice money:

The increase in life just because you have a raise at work! Sure is tempting, but you should not buy a new car or bigger house just because you're making a few hundred more now. Protecting your family comes first!

Step 1 for savings. Make sure your life insurance covers your family and solid savings plan.

This is a scary thought: Unfortunately for some, however, becomes a reality. If you fail to plan an emergency savings, you can not plan for the unexpected tragedies that confront us from time to time. What is your plan if something happened to one of your children or your spouse? Do you have enough money saved to pay for the extraction of the tooth, broken arm, or car repair? Unfortunately, most people do not and end up with the rent money or credit cards.

Fact # 1: It's easier to save when you make more money!

You might be thinking "duh," but not an answer in itself. Yes, more money makes things a little easier, is, after all, what makes the world go round!

I thought that after the advice of an online marketing consultant it was the key to my income growing steadily.

Fact # 2: Making money is the easy part of the equation! The establishment where the hard part!

Now, it's not easy making a living in real estate. This is an ultra competitive industry so it took me some time to get my mind around this thought. I was used to the summer holiday of winter and famine, so this was a new concept for me.

Fact # 3: It takes discipline and planning to save money! One of my personal favorites of all time quotes if Proverbs 21:05. He says: "The plans of the diligent lead surely to many, but all that is hasty, surely to poverty."

Savings Plan Steps for Beginners:

Make more money. Find a way to make extra income and go to step 2.
Pay the debt! It is almost impossible to save money until the bleeding stops monthly credit card debt! Use your extra income to pay the debt. Do not blow on things that will only meet in the short term.
Your mind on it! In real estate there was something called a paradigm shift. Mind you automatically have a limit to the amount of success or money they can get ... up to that amount. From that point, your mind tells you not only obtain, wait! The same principle applies to save money. You have to start somewhere, if only ten dollars! That is something affordable.
That saving is a priority! Most people categorize their lives on the priorities or goals. If you think you can not save or do not have enough money to save money is not a high enough priority. You may never have money in the bank, besides winning the lottery, until you move to its goal of saving money over things like the daily mocha, etc.
Stop impulse buying! Have you ever stopped to count the number of ads that are placed on his evening show on TV? They are master marketers and know how to play on the side of our brain that loves to buy more susceptible feely stuff! Make your search for savings and passion out of debt.