The Love or Money

According to a recent survey:"9 out of 10 men Happy-Go-Lucky for running up debts, while nearly one third of women worry about every penny of repayment of the cost of living ".
Just when such different views about money?

Born to shop. From childhood, boys and girls grow up and look to spend money very differently. Usually we model our behavior
for same-sex parent us:

• Women are trained to grow and to seek acceptance, money is often seen as a means to a lifestyle. As a result, many of us women have a natural tendency to spend on things that enhance day to day life.
• Men who are trained to identify and are more likely to give money to see as a means of acquiring wealth and to build. This means that men have a greater tendency to invest rather than spend.

So this month, let's start with five quick tips on areas to improve the economic status of our relations.
1. Start talking. Make time to discuss your finances as a couple. Discuss your current situation and to make plans for an ideal future.
2. Check your debts. What a better way to re-structure of one of your debts?
3. Income Protection. Uncertainty about the future can cause stress on relationships and families. Affordable solutions are available to give you more confidence and a plan in case the unexpected happens.
4. Look at your costs. Check your regular expenses and plans that really work and stay within your comfort level of public debt to make.
5. Plan for the future. Building for the future other than now. Start small, if necessary, but to start. Seek advice and take action.