These errors of money with your children

offense occurred Kogda denegation, two rules - # 1 Don't talk about it. # 2 pass as quickly as possible, or someone will take it.
Now when I'm father, my thoughts on financial matters always evolving. When it comes to my children and their money, but I've to keep constantly and deliberately opposed to the four specific errors;

  • Money Error Number 1 - put in order At any time there is a lack of SA knowledge on the subject, the tendency is to create a list of rules and regulations to get a sense of control and avoid the feeling of chaos. The thing is - I get nervous when I think of their children with money. I'm tempted to try to prevent them all, and tell them how to spend what they get from other sources.
  • Money Error Number 2 - Prevention of consumption - 
  • Money Error Number 3 - Modeling the poor - Really? I'm not always the best example of financial management. I sometimes complain about the bill, quickly spend more (HA) funds, and talk of becoming rich, as it'HIS story, not the possibilities.
  • Money Error Number 4 - for consultants - I'M is not totally crazy, then I should let my children get a little money occasionally. The danger is starting to give too much advice on how to spend that money, keep track of where he is, etc. It drives my kids (and their mothers) of mind and does nothing to further their real financial education.
So where are we going here?As student orientation simple, we have an excellent opportunity to help our children"Open money intelligently and dispassionately, as a practical tool to improve their lives."Personally, I think the more carefully I understand financial issues that I am overwhelmed. I became more comfortable around the wealth - at least I'm obsessed with getting and spending.
How to avoid these mistakes can not make our children rich, but I'm Paris they simply do not be overwhelmed by the financial aspect of life - and to quote a very rich lady. . ."That'SA is a good thing!""