An interview with Noel Whittaker

Noel Whittaker, do you know the name? In the circles of the budget home, is a living legend. But even outside the circles of the budget is well known for his work. In fact, he has written 17 books and sales in more than two million copies worldwide. Not to mention his weekly newspaper articles reaching more than seven million people.

Following advice from Noel, who find it almost impossible not to grow your bank balance. He speaks in plain English and delivers results.

Tell us about how they began to smart with your money?

Until I was in my 30 years old, I was like most people of my generation - I've lived payroll package and not really think about managing money properly. Then I read the wonderful book, The Richest Man in Babylon George Clason that changed my life. That was the beginning of a journey that led me to hundreds of other books.

Has there been a time in his life when he fought with the household budget and how you handle it?

When I married at age 23, we had many fights over money, because we did not communicate, and they came and went. I have since learned that it is very important for couples to make a budget together and stick with it. They should also both have an allowance each week they can spend on whatever they wish.

If someone comes to you really drowning in debt, what would be his first piece of advice?

The best map of the world is not good if you do not know where you are - so your first step should be to develop a statement of assets and liabilities. If the situation is hopeless, then you should approach a debt counselor. If there is hope, which must begin with the budget strictly.

What is your opinion on the credit card and why?

This is a wonderful tool, but the problem is not spending money on credit cards feel like spending real money. Occasionally I find myself in possession of a $ 100 bill, and is an absolute trauma out of my wallet and delivery. Instead, you can submit a credit card and have swiped for $ 175 and not feel any emotion.

What do you think the marketing of credit cards?

Unfortunately, the promise of all the wonderful things you can buy and the places you can travel, you do not say that everything has a cost, and most likely you will pay interest of 20% for the same.

If you could go back in time to his 21st birthday what advice would you tell yourself about money and the budget?

Be sure to save some of each payment and have specific financial goals for the future.

When people get a windfall of money (for example, a paying job) that has zero debt and home ownership. Where do you suggest they look to invest? And Part 2, what else do people do in this situation?

I suggest starting an investment program for talking to an adviser to a Share Trust of quality. This gives them experience the ups and downs of the market share and also how money works. Unfortunately, most people treat it as a reward and give a buzz to have a vacation or buy new clothes.

In all that time I have ever come across or helped someone who really has stuck in his memory, a special case?

I vividly remember it was stopped in the street by a well-dressed "executive" guy who said: "When I bought to make money Made Simple was in terrible financial problems and his book showed me the way out of it. It also allowed me to buy my mother a house reading the book has totally changed my life and my mother -.. I thank you "Then he gave me his card and he was a very high level executive.

From his first book, his book now 19, has a view of money changed in that time? And in what ways?

When I worked at the bank in the 1960's had a few financial products about - now there's a lot of products and are becoming more complex by the day. And the world is a global village and world markets and currencies are on TV and the news every night. Investment is now a much more complex process even more difficult by the fact that people can now expect to live 85.

Because doing what they have done for so long, which is the only thing I heard over and over again of people who have problems with debt?

They did not have a budget and crept up on them gradually. It started small and then grew larger and larger than their debts increased.

My name is Adam Goulding and my story is quite simple. Four years ago my bank balance was so low the rent was a big problem. March 15, 2005 was the day that has bottomed out for me emotionally and financially.

Then my girlfriend, Renee (now wife) left me in their system for growing money. Renee was so much better knowing the management of money that I could help.