Secured loans and remortgages can even be used as consolidation loans

Most homeowners have heard of secured loans and remortgages, and also have basic knowledge of these loans, considering they are a way in which homeowners can borrow money.

However, many know little more than this, and when they need money that is not sure whether a remortgage or a secured loan is best for them, the rates of interest which they have, or how to proceed to file a application.

The fact is there are many similarities between remortgages and secured loans, and which one is best depends on the particular circumstances of a person.

The main feature of secured loans and remortgages have in common is that both need to be an asset for collateral for the loan, and in the case of these two home loans, asset ownership is normally required in the borrower lives.

Some lenders of secured loans and remortgage however give their products to the owners to buy permits, second homes, etc.

Secured loans are available from £ 5,000 to £ 100,000, although some lenders have a minimum value of £ 10,000 or £ 20,000 in some cases, it depends on the available capital.

Equity is the amount that remains when the balance of the mortgage is deducted from the value of the property.

Remortgages can be of any amount what so ever, provided it has enough capital, but there are some mortgage lenders to put a limit on the maximum of the mortgage advance.

Many mortgage lenders will only grant remortgages up to 75% loan to value when the remortgage is being used for debt consolidation.

In most cases, however, remortgages up to 90% are now available.

Fees for remortgages vary considerably with the most important element is the availability of capital, low price as low as 1. 65% to 60% LTV.

Some remortgages taken with the sole purpose of getting a better deal mortgage, but sometimes requested additional funds for extra money for almost any purpose from buying a car, pay for the wedding, debt consolidation or even the purchase of another property.

As remortgage is just a new mortgage arranged by a different lender, such as mortgages are recorded as first charge.

While secured loans can also be used for almost any reason, even used as loans consolidation loans, the mortgage never replace exsisting, but independent ranking as a second load.

If you own a house in a tie for the period of your mortgage, and liquidation of the old mortgage would result in a major penalty earlier payments, a secured loan it is likely that the best alternative.

The best advice I can give any homeowner contemplating borrowing money is to go to a mortgage broker or loan guarantees to be provided with all information and arrange everything for him.